My Heavenly Father-In-Law

It was December 31 and I decided to start a Bible reading plan. I was either extremely late or modestly early, but that is irrelevant. As a result, I read the last bit of proverbs 31. This particular chapter is widely known for describing an ideal wife. As I read through this it eloquently and poetically described a woman who cared deeply for her family and was very shrewd with money. The Holy Spirit, at that moment, showed me the way that God viewed my wife; and this chapter described her perfectly. As a result of my view of my wife coming more in line with the way that her Heavenly Father sees her, there quickly grew a heavy and daunting realization on my part: The way that I was viewing and treating my wife was preventing her from being the woman that God has called her to be. At the very least, I was a large stumbling block between where she was and where God wanted her to be. I do not feel like the Holy Spirit skipped a single beat to confirm that within my heart. From that day on, nearly 2 years ago, I have been trying to see my wife the way that her Heavenly Father (so my Heavenly Father In-Law) has seen her before He laid the foundations of the earth.

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