Does Sole Creator Correlate to Sole Authority?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 NLT

This is the foundation to the Christian faith and, in fact, monotheism (the belief that there is only 1 God) is the view of the majority of the world’s population when you consider that Christians and Muslims profess that there is only 1 God.

In the line of thinking that God created everything, does this give Him absolute authority over His creation?  I believe that God did create everything and that He desires to have a very close relationship with us.  I believe that He planted within every person a deep desire to have a very close relationship with Him and this requires us to have freewill.  It then follows that we can choose to have this relationship with God that He made available to us or we can let our souls starve to near-death.  God let humans choose and they did not collectively choose relationship.  Perhaps, God’s intent with Noah was to show humans that even if He restarts the human experience with the most righteous man of the time and his family that this does not guarantee that every human will choose to have a relationship with God or go about life the way that He intended them to.  I read the account of Abraham and God claiming his descendants and God sending His only Son to pay for the consequences of our freewill choices and I cannot help but be in awe of God and fall more in love with Him.  I’ll admit it, this is a hard pill to swallow if you do not believe that there is a God or have agnostic beliefs.   The majority of the world (57% according to the world religion pie chart that I found online in 2018) believes this (at least the monotheistic creation), however.  I would love to hear what you believe or think or feel about this?


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