In Laymon Terms

Christianity is the largest religion in the world and especially in the United States of America. Christianity can appear, however, narrow(to close)-minded, ignorant, prejudiced, hateful and even harmful to society. So, here is an opportunity to chat with me (a Christian) and get my personal perspective on why I choose to follow the living person of Jesus Christ. I love Him sooooo much and I would love to tell you why.

Questions that I have struggled with personally:

  • Why doesn’t God just show Himself to the world and how can I KNOW that He even exists or is who He says He is?
  • Why is there so much hypocrisy within the religion of Christianity?
  • Why is Christianity so narrow-minded or intolerant?
  • How can I reconcile being logical, loving math & science and believing in God, who is immaterial, transcendent & all-powerful?
  • Why is the Bible sooooooo full of paradoxes?
  • How could God be love and send someone to hell? May I present a few follow up questions and simulated answers?
    • Why would someone not choose God and thereby making the destination of hell a moot point?
      • Why is the path to Heaven so narrow and only through Jesus?
      • And again, that initial return question does not answer how God could be all-loving and send someone to hell.
      • How can you feel confident and not judgmental saying that all other religions are wrong or that one has to confess Jesus as Lord and ask Him to forgive their sins to go to Heaven? Are my “sins” even bad enough to warrant needing His forgiveness?
        • Isn’t truth by its very nature exclusive?
        • What if God, in addition to being the perfect embodiment of love, was also perfectly holy and sin couldn’t be in His presence any more than light and darkness could coexist in the same exact place?
        • And what if we by our own free will, willingly accepted sin into our lives? Jesus said that even looking at person other than your spouse with lust is sin or even calling someone a fool is sin. And tell me that you have been driving on American streets or scrolling through Facebook and haven’t called someone that name. Perhaps you haven’t called anyone that, I would love to chat with you.
        • What if the only way to eradicate sin in our lives is by the shedding of blood? This can seem barbaric, uncivilized even.
        • What if God sent His Son to pay that bloody price of sin?
        • I believe that the Father is saying, “I have made the way to Me open. You have the choice of life & death, blessings & curses in front of you and the only way to death and curses is over My Son’s destroyed and resurrected body. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I was before all and I encompass all and in the end I will be the same as I was in the beginning and I am inviting you because I loved you before I laid the foundations of this planet. I desire you and I started the singing and celebrations when I placed you within your mother (so it is appropriate that you honor her for I chose her to be the vessel to bring you into this world and nurture the life I placed within you) and I took great care and joy in you. The celebration that there will be in My presence when you choose Life will be much greater and will overflow onto the heavens for My child has chosen to abandon death and has chosen to resemble my Son, the lifeblood of all creation. To all who choose My Son, I have given them to Him along with all power in the heavens above and the earth below. So what could snatch anything from His hands? Who could steal from THE LORD that which is His? His face embodies bronze and is fierce and He loves and to those who are His, His glorious and pure bride, He will fight for her with unquenchable fire.”